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Batman And The Monster Men

Updated: May 15

Batman and the Monster Men Comic Book Storyline Reviewed

Batman Night Of The Monster Men - Batman And The Monster Men - Written by Matt Wagner Art and cover by Wagner Matt Wagner takes the Dark Knight through his sophomore season in this new trade paperback collecting the 6-issue miniseries! Batman has spent his first year fighting organized crime ― but nothing thus far in his early career as the Caped Crusader has prepared him for the new menace facing Gotham: super-powered villains! Retailers, please see the order form for a special order incentive. A look at Batman and the Monster Men. Watch this video to see our review of Batman and the Monster Men.


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SPOILER ALERT - I would always advise that you read the story yourself but these videos are aimed at those that do not have the time, which means that plot spoilers are present within the video.

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