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Iron Man - Armor Wars Comic

Updated: May 13

Iron Man, The Armor Wars Comic Book Storyline Explained

In Iron Man The Armor Wars, Tony Stark discovers that the same technology he used to create the Iron Man armor is now in the hands of several deadly super-villains, he swears to use the power of Iron Man to bring the evil to an end - and to take back what's his. Armor Wars is a seven-issue Iron Man story arc written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith and published by Marvel Comics. The arc first appears in Iron Man 225 - 231 While Armor Wars is the popular name for the storyline, the actual story is referred to as Stark Wars within the issues themselves. The origin of the name Armor Wars comes from the storyline being advertised with the slogan, time for the avenger to start avenging. The Armor War begins in Iron Man 225. The story ran through Iron Man 225 to 231. An epilogue to the storyline was published in Iron Man 232, co-plotted by Michelinie and Barry Windsor-Smith with art by Windsor-Smith. There a various versions of Iron Man Armor Wars Trade paperbacks. Armor Wars II followed in issues Iron Man 258 to 266.

Watch the video to see us explain Iron Man The Armor Wars. Iron Man, The Armor Wars was first published in Iron Man 225 to 232

Written: Bob Layton & David Michelinie

Pencilers: Mark D. Bright & Barry Windsor-Smith

Inker: Bob Layton

Letterer: Janice Chiang

Colourists: Bob Sharen & Barry Windsor-Smith

Editor: Mark Gruenwald


Chapters for Iron Man The Armor Wars Explained - What Are Iron Man's Armor Wars? We Explain.

00:00 Introduction

00:27 Iron Man and Ant-Man

01:38 Iron Man vs Stiltman, Mauler, and The Controller

02:33 Iron Man vs The Raiders, Stingray, and the Beetle

03:30 Iron Man vs The Mandroids, The Guardsman, and Captain America

05:17 Iron Man vs Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man

06:01 Iron Man vs Firepower

SPOILER ALERT - I would always advise that you read the story yourself but these videos are aimed at those that do not have the time, which means that plot spoilers are present within the video.

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