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Judge Dredd - Destiny's Angels

Updated: May 13

Judge Dredd, Destiny's Angels Comic Book Storyline Explained

In Judge Dredd - Destiny's Angels, The remaining member of the Angel Gang, Fink, and the raised from the Dead, Mean Machine are guided by the Judge Child who is out to get revenge on Judge Dredd. Using the fact that Judge Dredd killed Mean Machine and the rest of the Angel gang and they also want revenge, they are easily manipulated into attacking Judge Dredd. This early Judge Dredd tale continues on the stories set up in Judge Dredd: The Judge Child and Judge Dredd: The Fink which is also on the Ye Olde Comics channel.


Images taken from the Judge Dredd - Destiny's Angels storyline covered in 2000AD progs 281 to 288

Script: T.B. Grover

Art: C. Elqerra

Lettering: T.Jacob, T. Frame


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Chapters for Dredd vs Mean Machine - Judge Dredd Destiny's Angel Explained

00:00 Introduction

00:26 The Judge Child Frees The Fink

01:02 The Judge Child Raises Mean Machine From The Dead

02:40 Destiny's Angels

05:28 Outro

SPOILER ALERT - I would always advise that you read the story yourself but these videos are aimed at those that do not have the time, which means that plot spoilers are present within the video.

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