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The Thanos Quest

Updated: May 13

The Thanos Quest Comic Book Storyline Explained

Thanos Quest is one of the stories that MCU's Infinity War drew inspiration from. The Thanos Quest was a two-issue comic book limited series published in September and October 1990 by Marvel Comic and follows Thanos quest to collect the six Infinity Gems. The Thanos Quest story line leads directly into three consecutive limited series, The Infinity Gauntlet, The Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade. Watch this video to see our explanation of The Thanos Quest.


Images were taken from Thanos Quest

Writer: Jim Starlin

Penciler: Ron Lim

Inker: John Beatty

Colourist: Tom Vincent

Letter: Ken Bruzenak

Editor: Craig Anderson

Assistant Editor: Renee Witterstaetter

Editor In Chief: Tom Defalco

Cover: Jim Starlin

Logo: Michael Heister



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Chapters for Thanos Quest Explained - History Of The Infinity Gems: Road To The Infinity Gauntlet.

00:00 Introduction

00:27 The Thanos Quest

01:01 The First Infinity Gem

01:29 The Second Infinity Gem

02:45 The Third Infinity Gem

03:21 The Fourth and Fifth Infinity Gems

04:35 The Sixth Infinity Gem

04:59 All Six Infinity Gems

SPOILER ALERT - I would always advise that you read the story yourself but these videos are aimed at those that do not have the time, which means that plot spoilers are present within the video.

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