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X-Men - X-Tinction Agenda

Updated: May 15

X-Men, X-Tinction Agenda Comic Book Storyline Explained

X-Men, X-Tinction Agenda is the 1990 crossover comic book storyline that ran through Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants. X-Tinction Agenda leads to the X-Men being reunited after the team had been scattered around the globe. The X-Men find themselves traveling to Genosha and fighting against Cameron Hodge and the Genoshan Magistrates. Watch this video to see us explain X-Men X-Tinction Agenda. X-Men X-Tinction Agenda was first published in Uncanny X-Men 270 - 272 New Mutants 95 - 97 X-Factor 60 - 62


Artwork is taken from X-Men 270 - 272, New Mutants 95 - 97, X-Factor 60 - 62

Writers: Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson

Penciler: Jim Lee, Jon Bogdanove, Guang Yap

Inkers: Art Thibert, Scott Williams, Josef Rubinstein Art Tibert

Colourists: Joe Rosas, Glynis Oliver, Brad Vancata, Steve Buccellato, Mike Rockwitz

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski, Joe Rosen

Editor: Bub Harras

Editor in Chief: Tom Defalco


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Chapters for X-Men X-Tinction Agenda - A MUST Read X-Men Crossover - X-Tinction Agenda Explained.

00:00 Introduction

00:36 X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants are Attacked

01:17 Death of Warlock

02:42 X-Men and X-Factor Infiltrate Genosha

03:52 Wolverine and Psylocke Attack

05:42 New Mutants on the Run

07:00 X-Factor Attack

08:17 X-Men and X-Factor: Prisoners

09:26 Escape

11:35 Attack

SPOILER ALERT - I would always advise that you read the story yourself but these videos are aimed at those that do not have the time, which means that plot spoilers are present within the video.

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